“Preserve, what I do have in my life. I am being given very little now in-terms of sustenance blessing so that I will learn how to nurture these small seeds into a flourishing garden.

So that I may (finally, someday) learn how to truly live happily, without abundance, without the deep need for excess in order to feel secure, which the (Western) culture amidst which I was born, raised, and base programmed has conditioned me to function like. This, is not an excuse to learning how to be a good, prudent farmer.

I will do my best to take a step back and zoom in on the details of my life, the ample number of blessings that have grown and are well rooted, and try my best to nurture them by focusing love light-energy on them, without intent of creating fruit to eat. Because, this is an area, these are people, who may need the love/friendship I inherently, so easily, have to give – when I am not so often focused on my own (perhaps unmet) needs, my own survival – me, me, me.

Cease, trying – to harvest, before the harvest season! I do this all the time, over and over again, and then sit there frustrated, hurting and weary – while in the middle of a barren field, with weeds in my hands, wondering what has just happened to what was.

Be, the warm sun; the rich soil; the cool, clean air; the living water. Be, a good human being. Take care. Harvest…”

Hill tribes of Thailand