A Journey of Discovery

Cal and Bin, bored with the mundane of life, unite in a dynamic adventure of mystery, adventure, love, and self-discovery in this six-part music video.

Production Credits (www.wukele.com)

A Digital Mixes production:

Callum Maclay
Khun ‘Bin’ Vraporn
Khun ‘Deang Maere

Jeff Sills
Callum Maclay
Khun Prin
Khun Ekk Saxman
Another unnamed person for “Time Will Tell” song

Camera, sound, video editing, direction, animation, mixing, makeup and logistics:
Alex Boyesen
Jeffrey Warner
Mica Blue Mc Gregor
Siriyapan “Ehh” Chaimongkol

Additional Production Personnel:
Acting coach: Peach Oranichar; Thai film transport: Khun Naa; Helicopter photography: Laas Moi; Catering: Khun Bee Sameungma