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Investigating Our Human Condition and Rebuilding Global Social Capital

The mission of Global Village Hands — as a philanthropy-inspired social research, cultural preservation, and peace-building organization — is to investigate our human condition and rebuild global social capital.

‘Development’ and ‘modernity’ (i.e., the global market system) is creating a myriad of  problems that are essentially dissolving the socio-cultural fabric of ‘traditional’ cultures, their communities, and global ecosystems overall. Humanity’s true roots are being replaced with a homogenizing, unsustainable, world culture.

We are documenting dissolving cultures, as well as the stories of people living everyday life. These stories are being utilized for creating a moment’s pause whereby we become reminded of importance of our varying cultures and the intrinsic value of our heritages.

This media is then being used for generating channels that rather than provide direct monetary support (although this will be done if necessary) acquire goods or facilitate services that capacitate community based development initiatives.

We, while working particularly with women and youth in their self-empowerment, are particularly aspiring to support small and poorer village communities trying to live more traditional lives in the wake of development but are having challenges in doing so for various reasons.

All of us in our global community can join hands in preserving our natural roots.

The Awareness Raising Mechanism

The Global Village Hands Project will put to good use my newest book, Indigenous Voices: Glimpses Into the Margins of Modern Development, as well as my thesis research, as this project’s textbook for gaining a foundational understanding of the societal effects of globalization related phenomena. This book, as a fundraising mechanism, is being offered on a gift economy basis.

If for a project supporting small and poorer villages (i.e., in Se-Asia), funds raised for this project will be used for villagers’ basic living necessities, such as rice, salt, vegetables, chili, lantern oil (for villages without electricity), seeds, and roofing materials, or other and additional community identified needs. If this program advances, we will look to create agriculture development projects that will allow villagers to live a more self sustaining lifestyle, as well as cultivate cultural preservation efforts for reinstalling lost or waning traditions related to food, dress, language, and the Arts.

Indigenous Voices: Glimpses into the Margins of Modern Development

The above is a 37-spread cross section PREVIEW of this 300-page book.

Indigenous Voices: Glimpses into the Margins of Modern Development utilizes the overall environment of rapidly developing northern Thailand and the livelihoods of the region’s rural peoples as a comparative context for exploring the societal effects that economic development is having on human society. This involves how changes in physical environment alter relationships amongst ourselves and with our natural world.

As a civic journalism project, this book will at the very least bring you into territory that is rarely seen by outsiders: the high mountains of northern Thailand. There, indigenous communities have for generations been living fairly traditional lives even in the wake of an encroaching modern world culture. Indigenous peoples worldwide are knowledge keepers of nature, and perhaps those who remain the representative core of what it truly means to be a human being. If their traditional wisdom becomes lost, just what hope is there for all of our survival?

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During a global era of increasing political tension and societal unrest, this research, culture preservation, and social capital building initiative is tending to this world We as a global community share.
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