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Indigenous World Voices Multimedia Project — Documentary Videos 

Indigenous World Voices: A Moment’s Pause is a research, multimedia, and social Project about tending to the world that we all as a global community share.

During a global era of increasing political tension and societal unrest, this Project reminds us about our natural roots and about peace in social unity. 

This is about momentarily slowing down from our seemingly incessant state of being “busy.” It’s about introspectively thinking before we entirely destroy our life-sustaining planet (and each other), and about meditating on the natural goodness that remains.

We are all indigenous to Planet Earth. Let’s take a moment’s pause then and tune into our more primal, indigenous, nature.


As one component of this Project, the following documentary-style videos — via us taking journeys to Thailand, Cambodia and Myanmar — primarily explore some of the societal impacts of modern economic development.

As societal contexts, these Works address aspects of everything from the natural environment to human rights.

This quest includes stories of and the voices from Burmese refugees living on a rubbish dump located on the Thai-Burma, indigenous peoples living in Thailand’s mountainous areas to some off-the-grid rarely seen areas of Cambodia and Myanmar, among others.

We also for this purpose take a look at the socially binding commonalities that all of us humans share.

* Additional videos will be produced.