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Back to the Basics: Can’t Buy This Way of Life

Back to the Basics: Can't Buy This Way of Life A Moment's Pause with Thailand's Hilltribe People During an era of increasing political tension and societal unrest, this is a story about our shared human condition and the social-ecological impacts of capitalism ‘development’ and ‘modernity.’ This is about taking ‘a moment’s pause’ [...]

The ‘De of Development: Cover Image Explained

We, as a global community, are perhaps at a pivotal point in our history. Our human condition is changing in form, nature, and substance. This is an alchemical transmutation, as we are interacting with a globalized world to the extent that humanity has never before experienced. Macro-scale global development impacts are evermore conglomerating and [...]

OFF (again) TO THE “VILLAGE OF THE LITTLE WELL,” for research…

Tomorrow morning, I am off for three days of intense research in an ethnic Karen village called "Ban nam bor noi"(village of the little well).

 My close friend and colleague Tanya and I will be delivering some donations from a wonderful Australian couple (Diane and Nigel), in addition to doing workshops with the community. We [...]

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Mae Sot Madness: Busting Up Foundations of Greed

As I glided to a near stop while approaching a stoplight in Mae Sot, Thailand, dense thudding sounds took over my conscious mind. A group of men (likely Burmese migrants) were busting up a former concrete structure, essentially barehanded, and likely still are as I write this — one blow at at a time.  Thud! [...]

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THE HARVEST: A (preservative) note to Self

“Preserve, what I do have in my life. I am being given very little now in-terms of sustenance blessing so that I will learn how to nurture these small seeds into a flourishing garden. So that I may (finally, someday) learn how to truly live happily, without abundance, without the deep need for excess in [...]

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