Indigenous World Voices: A Moment’s Pause (multimedia project)

Indigenous World Voices: A Moment’s Pause (multimedia project)

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Indigenous World Voices: A Moment’s Pause is a multimedia project about tending to the world that we all as a global community share.

During a global era of increasing political tension and societal unrest, this grassroots Project reminds us about our natural roots and about peace in social unity. 

This is about momentarily slowing down from our seemingly incessant state of being “busy.” It’s about introspectively thinking before we entirely destroy our life-sustaining planet (and each other), and about meditating on the natural goodness that remains.

We are all indigenous to Planet Earth. Let’s take a moment’s pause then and tune into our more primal, indigenous, nature.

There are socially binding commonalities that all humans share. These are our core needs to be loved and accepted, to be accepting and loving, as well as our necessity for having a nourishing natural environment that includes familial and community connection.

Can we, if even for a short time, contemplate in these regards the importance of our varying cultures and the intrinsic value of our heritages? How about the significance of and capacity for our inclination to live in harmonious community with one another — perhaps (once again) regulated by our natural environment?

Can we observe and listen to the ‘voices’ of people from an age range and from different ethnicities of people who still represent ways of life, and harness vitally essential indigenous knowledge about these aspects, inherent and fundamental to all of us?


The intended result of this Project is to create a media based discussion platform whereby people may have opportunity to exchange in productive dialogue.

We can accomplish this with seamlessly paired documentary photography, video, and in-depth interview conversations. We could then use this media as a central focus point — a campfire of sorts — for conversations about topical global issues that are effecting Us all.

For with each older generation that the modern world is losing — their ‘traditional’ knowledge with them, amidst our supposed capitalist ‘development progress’ and a resulting homogenizing world culture — it is as though monumental segments of an ancient societal iceberg are sliding into the sea.

Will you join with us in observing and preserving our natural roots?

(Click here for this project’s video synopsis and multimedia trailer.)

In exchange for your support, you may receive a free digital copy of one or both of these books.

— Indigenous Voices: Glimpses into the Margins of Modern Development delves into how indigenous peoples — and perhaps all of humankind — are being effected by modern development and related globalization.

Click here and view a 35-spread cross-section gallery of this 300-page book.

— Dignity Amidst The Rubbish: Hour-by-Hour With a Burmese Migrant Community in Thailand is a book of photographs and text that depicts and holistically reflects upon the daily lives of members of a Burmese migrant community living on a rubbish dump.

Click here and view a 44-page preview gallery of the 132-page book.


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