The Dignity Amidst The Rubbish Project

Dignity Amidst the Rubbish On It’s Way to Burma!

Today, Ashin Sopaka received his print copy of Dignity Amidst the Rubbish. This has been on my mind and soul for four years. I told him that "I wasn't ever going to stop" until this was complete. Now he will take this book back to his village in Burma where he said that it [...]

“Dignity” (comes) to the Mae Sot dump community…

On April 6, 2014 (at sunset), Ashin Sopaka and I returned to the community living on the Mae Sot Rubbish dump, after the four years it's taken to produce Dignity Amidst the Rubbish: Hour by Hour with a Burmese Migrant Community in Thailand, and showed the book to members of the community. It was a [...]

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