Chiang Mai

Back to the Basics: Can’t Buy This Way of Life

Back to the Basics: Can't Buy This Way of Life A Moment's Pause with Thailand's Hilltribe People During an era of increasing political tension and societal unrest, this is a story about our shared human condition and the social-ecological impacts of capitalism ‘development’ and ‘modernity.’ This is about taking ‘a moment’s pause’ [...]

How come those Chinese tourists are taking pictures (while standing in the middle of the road)?

Chiang Mai has changed a great deal in recent years. It’s “developing.” You may know what’s happening here. Condominium complexes and shopping malls are sprouting like wild grass. Who is going to live in all of them, anyway? Add in traffic and pollution, and you get all that good stuff that Chiang Mai used to NOT [...]

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Indigenous Voices: Glimpses into the Fringes of Modern Development

*The following is a cross-section preview sample of the entire Indigenous Voices culture preservation project and photo book essay, which includes 300 photographs along with interview(s) material.* PART ONE EXPOSURE: Naïve, my life was going to be forever touched by the highland villagers, as they pulled food and medicine from the forest and stood proud of [...]

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