Clad with a press photographer pass, I was granted the privilege of attending the 2009 Rome International Film Festival. I roamed the red carpet, mingled with directors and producers, as well as watched movie premiers with actors and actresses. It was both enjoyable and enlightening to gain insight into this world, often seen from the other side of the television screen. Because my pass was changed from photographer to reporter, I did have to tactfully work my way to the red carpet.

I must say: people are people. And George Clooney (there for the premiere of “Up in the Air”) is in person as he acts on screen. I attended a sit-in with Richard Gere, where and when he talked about life, Buddhism and the role that mass media and film have on society. Basically, he says that celebrities harness great potential in bringing attention to worldly events. And we all have a responsibility to become aware and help others.