Let’s go on a photo-documentary ride through a “night out” in Chiang Mai, Thailand – a place of vast cultural diversity and a tamely wild night-life.

We will first listen to some traditional Thai music; then attend a puppet show at an arts expo, move onto a party gathering; scamper off to a night club; sip a glass of wine. Do a little dance; take a little walk; get down tonight – finishing the night at a minibus turned into a street-side pub.


The Chiang Mai night-life is not as concentrated or outrageous as Bangkok’s infamous Nana Plaza area or Pattaya. There are many relaxing bars, several nightclubs, live music venues and one street with hostess bars catering to tourists (Loi Kroh Road). It includes a walk-in arcade with a Muay Thai boxing ring.

Chiang Mai maintains its liberal, laid back attitude with several areas and venues that accommodate the gay and lesbian scene. The Chiang Mai night life is lively and goes well into the dawn hours. Bars, with some excellent live music venues along the Ping River, and late night restaurants are located all over the city. Karaoke lounges (which are undoubtedly a national and indeed Asian obsession) can be found all over the city (source: Wikipedia, Chiang Mai).


One of the most enjoyable things about Chiang Mai’s night life, in my opinion, is that it offers everything a city like Bangkok offers in regard to variety; however, it is safe and in intensity that is easily manageable.

Chiang Mai is a big-city-small-town.