Back to the Basics: Can’t Buy This Way of Life

Back to the Basics: Can't Buy This Way of Life A Moment's Pause with Thailand's Hilltribe People During an era of increasing political tension and societal unrest, this is a story about our shared human condition and the social-ecological impacts of capitalism ‘development’ and ‘modernity.’ This is about taking ‘a moment’s pause’ [...]

To Stride with Pride: A Human Rights Movement in Thailand (Chiang Mai Pride Parade)

I am pleased about releasing my new documentary, “To Stride with Pride: A Human Rights Movement in Thailand." This video ­­informs about brave people who are diligently striving toward attaining civic equity and societal equality. This is in a country where social activism is predominantly taboo, and can be quite dangerous. With [...]

Sacred Sound of Indigenous Deep-Meanings: The Traditional Lahu Flute

Development, Modernity, and Dissolving ‘Traditional’ Culture As a context for illustrating how perhaps all of humanity is being detrimentally impacted by capitalism related phenomena, “Sacred Sound of Indigenous-Deep Meanings: The Traditional Ethnic Lahu Flute” is a brief yet information-rich video that takes you somewhere rarely seen by the public eye, into the [...]

International Photography Awards Winner (2018)

I received two 'honorable mention' awards for the 2018 International Photography Awards competition (professional category). One award was granted for my 'Dignity Amidst the Rubbish' book; the other was given for a single image called "Carrying Forward as Family." This is no small deal, as the International Photography Awards "conducts an annual competition for professional, [...]

Taiwan Indigenous Women Cultural Handicrafts

Taiwan Indigenous Women Cultural Handcrafts On March 27, 2018, an indigenous women's group gathered for a beading handicrafts workshop near Miaoli, western Taiwan ... What you see here isn't just about making beadwork handicrafts. This is indigenous knowledge, sewn into millennia of cultural history and related traditions. Traditionally, this is a [...]

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“People don't understand our cultures. When we wear our different indigenous clothing, you will know about us and in different ways.”  — Paljaljim Galuvu Fusing Indigenous Traditional Textiles with the Modern World “Fashion as Activism: Fusing Indigenous Textiles with the Modern World" explores the way that some [...]

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OBAMA PRESS POOL: AN INSIDE GLIMPSE Honolulu, Hawaii: During the 2015-2016 Holiday season, I as a stringer for Reuters partnered with White House media correspondents from the nation’s top media/news agencies. Our purpose was to document generally what President Obama (and family) did during his Hawaii Holiday vacation and be there in the unlikely case that something serious happened. [...]

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Campfire Concept: Diaries of Dialogue "I aspire to create a moderated discussion platform — a conceptual campfire called "Campfire Concept: Diaries of Dialogue" — where particularly those with varying points of view may have an opportunity to exchange in productive dialogue. Since the beginning of time that we humans have been on this [...]

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The Indigenous Voices Project (cross-section view)

*The following is a cross-section view of the Indigenous Voices book and culture preservation project. The audio-visual version of this book — "Foreigner from the Future: A Moments' Pause" — is currently in-production. Additional info (and a synopsis video can be viewed at http://www.jeffsjournalism.com/indigenous-voices* INTRODUCTION: This project explores into the effects of economic development in terms of how [...]

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“Finding Creative Solutions to Urban Challenges” Conference Speech

Indigenous Voices: Glimpses into the Margins of Modern Development (by Jeffrey Warner): presentation introduction for the "Partnership for Change - Finding Creative Solutions to Urban Challenges" conference; Chulalongkorn University; Bangkok, Thailand; March 2-3, 2015 “Thank you Dr. Bussakorn, Dr. Kjell, Khun Toto, and all other support staff for organizing this important conference. Being here today [...]

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