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OBAMA PRESS POOL: AN INSIDE GLIMPSE Honolulu, Hawaii: During the 2015-2016 Holiday season, I as a stringer for Reuters partnered with White House media correspondents from the nation’s top media/news agencies. Our purpose was to document generally what President Obama (and family) did during his Hawaii Holiday vacation and be there in the unlikely case that something serious happened. [...]

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Campfire Concept: Diaries of Dialogue "I aspire to create a moderated discussion platform — a conceptual campfire called "Campfire Concept: Diaries of Dialogue" — where particularly those with varying points of view may have an opportunity to exchange in productive dialogue. Since the beginning of time that we humans have been on this [...]

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The Indigenous Voices Project (cross-section view)

*The following is a cross-section view of the Indigenous Voices book and culture preservation project. The audio-visual version of this book — "Foreigner from the Future: A Moments' Pause" — is currently in-production. Additional info (and a synopsis video can be viewed at* INTRODUCTION: This project explores into the effects of economic development in terms of how [...]

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Indigenous Voices: Cover Image Explained

Two boys are perched: one is using his hand to take a more focused glimpse at us; the other is peering through a plastic, manufactured, object. These are the indigenous peoples of Northern Thailand. Metaphorically speaking, generation-by-generation, how much longer will it be before the boy on the right becomes wholly plugged into and engulfed [...]

Becoming a Global Citizen: A Journey of World Environment

It was 1976 when I first opened my eyes to Hibbing, Minnesota. Although my hometown was once a bustling community known for ethnic diversity as well as its industrial and social related advancements, it now exists as a quiet semi-rural place similar to many other American communities. This majestic silence, however, is interrupted weekly by [...]

OFF (again) TO THE “VILLAGE OF THE LITTLE WELL,” for research…

Tomorrow morning, I am off for three days of intense research in an ethnic Karen village called "Ban nam bor noi"(village of the little well).

 My close friend and colleague Tanya and I will be delivering some donations from a wonderful Australian couple (Diane and Nigel), in addition to doing workshops with the community. We [...]

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Zimmy’s Restaurant Closes: preserve community…support its icons

Even living across the world from Hibbing, Minnesota, my hometown, it's saddening to learn that Zimmy's (Bob Dylan themed) Restaurant has closed! And, for what? Every time I consider coming back "home" to the Range area from living in Asia, I realize that my home is really inside of myself, carried anywhere, that no matter [...]

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Dignity Amidst the Rubbish On It’s Way to Burma!

Today, Ashin Sopaka received his print copy of Dignity Amidst the Rubbish. This has been on my mind and soul for four years. I told him that "I wasn't ever going to stop" until this was complete. Now he will take this book back to his village in Burma where he said that it [...]

“Dignity” (comes) to the Mae Sot dump community…

On April 6, 2014 (at sunset), Ashin Sopaka and I returned to the community living on the Mae Sot Rubbish dump, after the four years it's taken to produce Dignity Amidst the Rubbish: Hour by Hour with a Burmese Migrant Community in Thailand, and showed the book to members of the community. It was a [...]

Mae Sot Madness: Busting Up Foundations of Greed

As I glided to a near stop while approaching a stoplight in Mae Sot, Thailand, dense thudding sounds took over my conscious mind. A group of men (likely Burmese migrants) were busting up a former concrete structure, essentially barehanded, and likely still are as I write this — one blow at at a time.  Thud! [...]

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