The (now global) market system is the root of strife amongst human beings…All inequity is rooted in market driven inequality. When humans’ perceived needs are met, we are by nature a peaceful species…

Yet, we as a global body of collective individuals, knowingly spew poison into the air.

We adulterate our water supply with industrial venom.

We parch our life giving soil so that it cannot produce food. Then we generate and mindlessly consume genetically modified foodstuffs that our natural body systems identify as the poisons that this “food” actually is, creating even more sickness.

We construct material objects that alter our relationships with one another in societally eroding ways.

We wage wars based on the premise of unmeasurable threats and intangible religious belief systems. In reality, everyone is fighting over what is essentially the same, story.

We crazily invest in weapons and warfare more so than social welfare —publicly supported (funded) education, and spirit-led and fed dreams that would surely lead to a nourished global society.

We hence deny —burglarize — our own children of a sense of security, the true purpose of a parent/adult, in an otherwise without-humans secure world.

The list goes on. This isn’t anything we don’t already know. Yet, as part of this market slave system, we all are contributing.

And this is the paradoxical madness that is beyond my comprehension…

Yet, through it all, the light that powers everything remains, and always will. …

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