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“People don't understand our cultures. When we wear our different indigenous clothing, you will know about us and in different ways.”  — Paljaljim Galuvu Fusing Indigenous Traditional Textiles with the Modern World “Fashion as Activism: Fusing Indigenous Textiles with the Modern World" explores the way that some [...]

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“Finding Creative Solutions to Urban Challenges” Conference Speech

Indigenous Voices: Glimpses into the Margins of Modern Development (by Jeffrey Warner): presentation introduction for the "Partnership for Change - Finding Creative Solutions to Urban Challenges" conference; Chulalongkorn University; Bangkok, Thailand; March 2-3, 2015 “Thank you Dr. Bussakorn, Dr. Kjell, Khun Toto, and all other support staff for organizing this important conference. Being here today [...]

Inequality: The Madness and the Paradox

The (now global) market system is the root of strife amongst human beings...All inequity is rooted in market driven inequality. When humans' perceived needs are met, we are by nature a peaceful species... Yet, we as a global body of collective individuals, knowingly spew poison into the air. We adulterate our water supply with industrial [...]