Campfire Concept: Diaries of Dialogue

“I aspire to create a moderated discussion platform — a conceptual campfire called “Campfire Concept: Diaries of Dialogue” — where particularly those with varying points of view may have an opportunity to exchange in productive dialogue.

Since the beginning of time that we humans have been on this rock, this planet, we’ve been sitting around fires — well, since we figured out what fire is, anyway — discussing things.

Whether this is talking over matters of the heart or conflicts amidst the village, fire is a neutral primal place that people can come to and sit around and be around and always refer back to. This connection with fire is something that all human beings inherently share. We are fire, which is one of the elements that comprises us.

Indigenous peoples, for example, have for generations been sitting around fires talking about village issues. Fire is a primal place of comfort. It’s a place for light, a place for warmth; it’s something that can be used to destroy; it can be used for cooking.

Fire is both productive and destructive. However, when it’s controlled and used properly, it is something of which people can derive a sense of comfort, and while they think also enjoy moments of silence…Fire.


Discussions that include as many points of view as possible in the communication process cultivate social capital. United, we Stand. …

The foundation of what I have been doing with my life is to expose myself to and learn from different societal contexts and in different parts of the world. This is in an attempt to understand the human condition. We can utilize these contexts, and what they have to teach us, to bring people together. We can discuss global issues. We can use this opportunity for also discussing the lighter and even more philosophical and spiritual elements of life.

This campfire at first will be in the form of the photographs and other media that I have collected throughout my journey, or some other medium that serves this concept: illuminate the commonalities that we all share.

We can come around this campfire and do our best to discuss civilly, if not collaboratively, issues and concepts, and in ways in which perhaps normally we couldn’t, unless moderated by this fire, by nature, that force that can demolish or create. It is up to us. Fire…”