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“Dignity” (comes) to the Mae Sot dump community…

On April 6, 2014 (at sunset), Ashin Sopaka and I returned to the community living on the Mae Sot Rubbish dump, after the four years it's taken to produce Dignity Amidst the Rubbish: Hour by Hour with a Burmese Migrant Community in Thailand, and showed the book to members of the community. It was a [...]

Mae Sot Madness: Busting Up Foundations of Greed

As I glided to a near stop while approaching a stoplight in Mae Sot, Thailand, dense thudding sounds took over my conscious mind. A group of men (likely Burmese migrants) were busting up a former concrete structure, essentially barehanded, and likely still are as I write this — one blow at at a time.  Thud! [...]

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