Thailand’s Hilltribe People — “Back to the Basics: Can’t Buy This Way of Life’

"Back to the Basics: Can't Buy This Way of Life" A Moment's Pause with Thailand's Hilltribe People During an era of increasing political tension and societal unrest, this is a story about our shared human condition and the social-ecological impacts of capitalism ‘development’ and ‘modernity.’ This is about taking ‘a moment’s pause’ [...]

To Stride with Pride: A Human Rights Movement in Thailand (Chiang Mai Pride Parade)

I am pleased about releasing my new documentary, “To Stride with Pride: A Human Rights Movement in Thailand." This video ­­informs about brave people who are diligently striving toward attaining civic equity and societal equality. This is in a country where social activism is predominantly taboo, and can be quite dangerous. With [...]

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