Even living across the world from Hibbing, Minnesota, my hometown, it’s saddening to learn that Zimmy’s (Bob Dylan themed) Restaurant has closed! And, for what?

Every time I consider coming back “home” to the Range area from living in Asia, I realize that my home is really inside of myself, carried anywhere, that no matter which world continent I live on (been on three), community roots are dissolving, at the very least changing forms.

Regardless, these sentiments are not just about a restaurant, home, but rather so much more. It is, in my opinion, about the overall state of humanity.

Zimmy’s is/was an icon of Hibbing, of the spirit of that entire area — art, music, independence, proof that someone can come from the hard knocks of a small mining town and forever touch the entire world with an inner voice. Art has no territorial boundaries!

Zimmy’s in these regards, is/was arguably perhaps a final remaining element of downtown Hibbing that is remotely interesting and as an iconic element of local culture.

I’m not sure of the details related to Zimmy’s owners’ issues with taxes. It’s irrelevant. Would it be a supportive/prudent thing for the community to support them, at the very least an iconic representation of the heart of the town and community?? In my opinion, shame! If this is important, do something about it, please.

Corporate America railroads a community, one piece at a time, by convincing people that essentially selling the soul of a community to the fruits of materialism and supposed convenience is a good idea. Any resulting social problems are merely a symptom.

We, all over the world, sit back, broken-spirited, from generations of watching iconic, inspiring, social leaders harnessing message of hope be (literally) knocked off from the soap box.

Why do they get removed? Because they are/were fueled by resilient, tenacious, resolve to not just stand along the roadside holding out a tote bag, waiting for the scraps handed out by big business minded tyrants whose power doesn’t rest in the realms of public support but rather in the logistics of a global market system designed to distract people from the things that are most important in this world — family, community cohesion, support. And what does this do to people overall? It makes us passive observers. Slaves!

People bitch so much about local government and its supposed failures. Well, now living in a country (Thailand) that touts supposed democracy in the actual envelope of an elite led system (much more prominent than in the States), I have observed enough in my international journalism tenure to also stress that democracy still exists on a small town level, and in Hibbing! As long as people can (tangibly) influence local policy makers, democracy still exists.

Remember (speaking to the Range community) when Maple Hill was going to be developed back around 2007? Yeah. Over 100 people showed up at a City Council meeting and shut that down, using legislation that a council member had drafted decades before. People, united, made local “leaders” sweat. People stood up, essentially led by one person with a passion for democracy and community led initiatives that are beneficial to all.

Democracy exists solely in a cohesive society, supported by community journalism led local media. Public pressure!

Get together! Bring your community voice(s) to the CIty Council and demand that elements that remain important to your community remain intact, at the leadership of those who are elected to protect the overall well-being of the community and its future.

Otherwise, we may as well live as passive observers in a country led by dictators!

Let’s be free, to support each other…

Photo (and local story): http://minnesotabrown.com/2014/03/dark-yet-iconic-zimmys-restaurant-hibbing-closes.html