• I am offering this full color 300-page book in an eco-friendly and beautifully produced digital flipbook format. This version is in exact appearance as if in printed format. You will therefore be receiving not a digital file (for Mac or Windows) in lieu of a printed book or on a CD, but rather all of the lifestyle photography and in-depth information embraced this book’s covers. I am offering Indigenous Voices to you in the spirit of a gift and on a gift economy basis.This does not mean “free.” In Western culture at least, free tends to be thought of as having “no value.” Instead, please consider this book a contribution. This means I cannot determine the value of its worth to you. Perhaps this book’s dynamically engineered contents will (or may not) provide you with great inspiration. My hopes are that this project will at the very least stimulate dialogue. It will certainly bring you on an adventure and expand your worldview. Readers such as yourself resultantly may want to gift me $7 or $48; some people may offer more, others an amount in-between. You will see below that I have made a value suggestion. Whatever. I just request that, in addition to pondering how this book may impact your life, you consider what it may have required for me overall to independently produce this media. Whatever the value eventually means to you, I ask that you choose the price. Not out of obligation, but because you feel inspired to give, if at all, and without regrets. Perhaps you will acquire the book and then decide to give more. This would be okay too. You will be directly supporting Jeff's Journalism and this project. This book belongs to Us all. Click here and view a 35-spread cross section gallery of this 300-page full color book.

    ( You may alter the number displayed below to that of your self-determined gifting amount. )

  • The Global Village Hands Project will channel humanitarian support to small and poor villages in SE-Asia, preferably to those trying to live more traditional lives and may be having challenges to do so for various reasons, particularly those related to the affects of modern development.
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